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  • @shockich It is a problem with the newer releases of the mos SDK. Look at these 2 lines: By adding this restriction to the mgos_gpio_set_button_handler, they have remo…
  • @guglielmino and @Wimpie I have opened the following issue on the commercial libs github in hopes that it will further explain the problem. Have either of you had success since commenting here?
  • Is there any update on this? I have updated to the most current MOS and commercial library release and am experiencing the same issue. I have to wait up to a full minute in order to communicate to my mongoose endpoint via dns because it does not res…
  • @Sergey_I Did you make progress on integrating the HomeKit SDK?
  • I received an answer to my question on Gitter: Event group callbacks are now used for handling events on the application level using mgos_event_add_group_handler Event groups are defined in their respective modules. Event data is passed as pointe…
  • My first message on December 6 was the log at a debug level of 3
  • Here is my mos config-get mqtt Any update on this issue? { "clean_session": true, "client_id": "", "enable": true, "keep_alive": 60, "max_qos": 2, "pass": "", "reconnect_timeout_max": 60.000000, "reconnect_timeout_min": 2.0…
  • Sergey, I ran the firmware over night while logging and this is my results: [Dec 6 15:40:39.681] mqtt_handler Send PINGREQ [Dec 6 15:40:39.682] ssl_socket_send 0x3ffca324 31 -> 31 [Dec 6 15:40:39.745] ssl_socket_recv 0x3f…
  • Ok so The following log shows my last successful update of 30 kvp, it reported fine, but immediately sent ping requests, timed out and reconnected. During that time I updated the desired state again and never received the delta state because for som…
  • Something else worth mentioning is that after it breaks, times out, and reconnects, I can shrink the shadow size to around 2000 bytes and still reproduce the error by writing about 10 values. It doesn't seem to coordinate with AWS shadow limits at t…
  • Yes I did. The most current release of the libraries builds, but the recent commits do not. If I were to cdef the MGOS_RECV_MBUF_LIMIT, it will build, but i don't think that is what I am supposed to do.
  • Updated to the latest libs and it won't build: /commercial-libs/http-server/src/mgos_http_server.c:280:36: error: 'MGOS_RECV_MBUF_LIMIT' undeclared (first use in this function) s_listen_conn->recv_mbuf_limit = MGOS_RECV_MBUF_LIMIT; …
  • The cdef seems to do the same thing after 3 or 4 times of adding 30 new KVP to the desired field. We plan on having a large shadow for our application. Can you provide max limits if they exist for shadow implementation? Best Regards Jonathan Witth…
  • Sergey, What is the AWS shadow size limit? Would that be a limit of AWS or mongoose? I am trying your fix now
  • Revised code is at the following link. All i do on delta events is set reported = desired. I removed all other code functionality. It does not get simpler than this. Still have the same issue.…
  • I am aware that 30 new KVP is a lot, however it is the quickest way to reproduce the problem and it is under the payload limit that an AWS shadow can support.
  • At this link is a zip of the project folder including the built firmware, the source, and the fs. This is the minimal reproducible code. To recreate the problem I am co…
  • I am already using a modified version of the source from that library for my own shadow implementation. I didn't want the restrictions on the shadow format in that library. It all seems to be working consistently now. I am not sure what changed sinc…
  • Sorry I was just trying to narrow down which part of the OTA process was getting hung up (whether if it was crashing somewhere in the handler or if it was the HTTP API itself that was getting hung up). Now for some reason, after updating to mos 1.20…
  • Yes. Very quick fix thank you. I was tinkering with one of the libraries right as I updated to 1.20 and thought I broke something. It was driving me insane lol.
  • What is "Error: repository not exists" referring to?
  • @Sergey I added my certs to ca.pem and I am still getting the following. My update finish error is a -1 not a -10. Is there a difference? What does it mean? mgos_ota_http_start Update URL:…
  • I am also getting a failure but it is a -1 error [Oct 19 16:19:51.714] SW ECDH [Oct 19 16:19:53.121] updater_finish Finished: -1 Update failed
  • How is authentication this way passed via websocket and serial RPC calls?