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  • Just wanted to confirm, I rebuilt my program with mos 1.25 and it's been running continuously without issues for about a week. Thanks for the fix @dimonomid
  • I had the same issue on my Windows machine. Found that if I manually did a git pull for the mongoose os directory followed by git checkout 1.25, I was able to get the local build working
  • Ah, I see. I just followed the example given in mgos_http_server.h (reproduced below). Got a compile error with MGOS_F_RELOAD_CONFIG as it is not defined in the header file but in mgos_http_server.c (why is that, by the way?) so replaced it with its…
  • @scaprile Thanks, you've explained it very nicely. Hopefully, we'll have a fix soon. Being a hardware guy myself, I would also prefer to avoid going deep into the OS
  • @scaprile I was about to go to the recent release. Need to do some changes in my code to make it compatible. I stopped when I read your post and saw you had already tried later releases. The latest esp-idf has some bug fixes related to uart hardwa…
  • Hello, By second person, if you are referring to this as the first, then you can count me as the third Details added in the above link
  • Hello, I have also been experiencing similar issues with the ESP32. In my application, I'm communicating with an external device via UART. It is a master-slave type of configuration in which I need to send a command and wait for the device to reply…
  • Hello Michael, Any update on this issue? I think I'm facing a similar problem with the esp32. My controller connects to some external devices through UART and publishes the data periodically through MQTT. For the past month, I ran the device for a…
  • Update: The issue is resolved. According to my understanding, it had to do with the delay before and after calling this function. Previously, I was implementing the delay with mgos_msleep. I changed the program to use a non-blocking delay with mgos…