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  • Now I've just tried including the arduino-adafruit-ssd1306 library again (I'd removed it while it was causing problems) and everything's working. No idea if this is something you fixed at your end or I've accidentally fixed at mine. But all seems we…
  • OK thanks @sergey - that's an error then on the documentation page under "How to create a new library". But correcting to fw/src does fix it, thanks. (Since I'd copied & pasted from the docs page I didn't think to check.) So that's completely d…
  • I wonder if something's missing in my search paths? The original problem here was WProgram.h missing but I've had a very similar issue in a brand new library: I've just created a new lib, added the relevant .h and .c files exactly as per the docume…
  • Sorry @sergey, exactly the same thing with the corrupted frame in the log
  • Thanks @dimonomid - I realise, but I was just making absolutely sure that I knew what was going on. In my experience corners like that can sometimes be the hidden problem! @sergey, have updated - will try again now and report back... thanks
  • I think this library - even when it compiles OK through the cloud - is breaking my wifi config, as referenced in a separate thread here. Has anyone had success with this library, or has managed to fix it?
  • OK... I'm pretty sure now that this is directly linked to problems with the arduino-adafruit-ssd1306 library. I've started a separate thread on that here and my guess is that when those problems are fixed, this wifi config issue will go away.
  • Just noticed something strange in the logs. I used the command line screen in the GUI and ran mos wifi (obviously with my own details in there) The MOS tool logs window showed, as before when run from the command line, Getting configuration... se…
  • Yes, both those lines are there. Here's config-get: And here's RPC.List: [ "OTA.SetBootState", "OTA.GetBootState", "OTA.CreateSnapshot", "OTA.Revert", "OTA.Commit", "OTA.Update", "I2C.WriteRegW", "I2C…
  • In case it helps anyone else... I struggled with this for a while but now working. Key points for me were: 1. SCL and SDA pins (I used 22 & 23) in mos.yml file 2. Holger's code above was essential: load('api_i2c.js'); let myI2C = I2C.get_defa…
  • Ah... and now I've discovered this board only has half a meg of flash and so Mongoose is a non-starter. Drat. Waiting now for my ESP32 board to arrive... hopefully better luck there!
  • I just ran this again with --v 4 - error log attached
  • Thanks... you've encouraged me to keep at it, and although nothing got any better, I've tried a few different things. First, I read this about how ESP8266 uses not just GPIO0 but also 2 and 15 to set the bootloader mode. So I went ahead and set 2 t…