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  • Everything works
  • Thanks @Sergey now everything works , code for others may be useful for someone. my sample jQuery code: var dey = 1; var run = 1; $(document).on('click','#save',function(){ var data = 'd'+ dey+ 'r' + run ; var gat_data = JSON.parse('{"fil…
  • In the good direction I go ?? Someone will help??? static void saveruns_hendeler(struct mg_rpc_request_info *ri,void *cb_arg, struct mg_rpc_frame_info *fi,struct mg_str args){ struct mbuf fb; struct json_out ou…
  • I built a dimmer with a zero crossing detector. As I remember it works well with standard bulbs, leds flashing a little but it worked. I used MOC3021 and BT136S-600E to control light. TSP-03 replace HLK-PM03 AC-DC 220V to 3.3V to power esp and DF…
  • try change in lib folder arduino-Adafruit_TMP006/src/mgos_Adafruit_TMP006_c.c bool mgos_Adafruit_TMP006_init(void) to bool mgos_arduino_Adafruit_TMP006_init(void)
  • Unpack and copy lib to .mos/libs and app to.mos/app folder and try. How did you do everything right it should work. In this way it should look read it :
  • Copy to.mos/libsand add to mos.yml libs: - name: arduino-Adafruit_ADS1X15
  • I use something like that, work well with ADS1015. load('api_arduino_Adafruit_ADS1015.js'); let ADS1015_I2C_addresss = 0x48 ; // Initialize Adafruit_ADS1015 library let ads = Adafruit_ADS1015.create(ADS1015_I2C_addresss); ads.begin(); let adc0 = a…
  • Try this: Continue $(document).ready(function(){ $("#button").bind( "click", function(event, ui) { $.post('/rpc/App.SetState', JSON.stringify({"state": 1 })); }); }); load('api_gpio.js'); load('ap…
  • I use something like this: in jQyery $.post('/rpc/App.SetState', JSON.stringify({ "pin": 1 , "state": 0 })); in js on esp load('api_gpio.js'); load('api_rpc.js'); let led_pin = 8; GPIO.set_mode(led_pin, GPIO.MODE_OUTPUT); GPIO.write(led_pin, 0)…
  • macOS Sierra. Install command line developer tools fix this problem.
  • Can update the key values in the separate file??? $(document).on('click','#zapisz',function(){ var start = $('#sd'+dey+'r'+ run).val().split(':'); var stop = $('#ed'+dey+'r'+ run).val().split(':'); var data = 'd'…
  • Add New "wifi" specified library line in mos.yml. libs: - origin:
  • I do not know what I'm doing wrong but it is added. Trying to make a library for SparkFun_TB6612.
  • For example, I have something like this: { "date_time": { "s_date_time": true, "date": "13-06-2017", "time": "18:43" }, "temp": { "a_temp": true, "s_temp": false, "min_temp": 20, "max_temp": 32,…
  • It's ok now works
    in build error Comment by z_X_z May 2017