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  • Hi, Just tested with DHT22 using a Wemos Shield. Working fine: [Jan 29 17:00:52.687] dhcp server start:(ip:,mask:,gw: [Jan 29 17:00:52.692] bcn 100 [Jan 29 17:00:52.695] mgos_wifi_dev_ap_set WiFi AP IP: 192.168.…
  • Sorry, but I'm pretty new on Mongoose as well, started to use it about a month ago. So I would recommend you to try reach out these guys through chat, I think some guys there would help on this particular matter better than me. Good lucky.
  • Just tested my sonoff and it works fine. I also got a lot of these messages you mentioned: [Jan 12 16:27:57.497] Fatal exception (28): [Jan 12 16:27:57.501] epc1=0x401000ab, epc2=0x00000000, epc3=0x00000000, excvaddr=0x00004028, depc=0x00000000 [Ja…
    in Sonoff Comment by rodrmigu January 12
  • Hi, I just tested with a couple fo wemos, and no issues. I often have this with esp32, I need to retry several times. Anyway, I would recommend try to lower the upload speed. Regards Rodrigo
  • Hi. I think you could use a default build_var. In the example below, the default it's development, so when I use mos build --build-var TARGET:production, then it uses a different set of configuration. conds: - when: build_vars.TARGET == "develop…
  • Looks like there was a recent change and now the parameter needs to be provided. Sys.reboot was changed from mgos_system_restart to mgos_system_restart_after // ## **`Sys.reboot(ms)`** // Reboot the system after `ms` milliseconds. Return value…
  • Hi, Never used sonoff with mongoose, not yet, but I will, however looks like we need use this flash option: mos flash --esp-flash-params "dout,8m,40m" Did you try this one? Regards Rodrigo
    in Sonoff Comment by rodrmigu January 8
  • Just an update. Changing the mqtt.keep_alive to a lower value, helps to detect it faster. Regards Rodrigo
  • Olá, You won't see it because this is done on their remote environment, so I think will be easier if you use local build using docker, someone please correct if I'm wrong. I don't use windows for microcontroller development, only linux. So, use th…
  • There was a mistake about MGOS_NET_EV_IP_ACQUIRED, explained in the previous post Thanks.
  • All, Just an update. I had to change to the wifi_ev_handler to MGOS_NET_EV_IP_ACQUIRED, so need to wait for ip to be acquired, of course Unfortunately Esp8266 only works if I use I was expecting that, based on previous experi…
  • Thanks nliviu. That helped with compiler errors, however it's not working in Esp8266, but it works fine in Esp32. I've a known issue using PlatformIO and Esp8266 regarding UDP, which only works if I use something like this, but this …
  • Weird, I tried that as well and didn't work, but now it works. Anyway, thanks Rodrigo