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  • Hi, does anybody has an idea regarding to this probleme? How can I check, if the firmware is build and flashed with the correct layout for 2MB? Thanks in advance.
  • Hi Rojer, excuse my late response. Yes I've always reflashed the chip. I also erased it with esptool to be sure that it is empty before reflashing it with the new firmware. But unfortunatley there's still the same problem with OTA.
  • Here the extract of mos_final: I think the flash size worked but the BOARD placeholder is empty. Must this one also be configured?
  • The command when building the firmware is: mos build --platform esp8266 --buil-var FLASH_SIZE=2097152 --clean --local
  • I also tried it with the enterprise mos-libs, but it`s the same result.
  • author: mongoose-os description: A Mongoose OS app skeleton version: 1.0 libs_version: ${mos.version} modules_version: ${mos.version} mongoose_os_version: ${mos.version} build_vars: FLASH_SIZE: 2097152 tags: - c sources: - src filesyst…
  • Hi Rojer, thank You for the tip. I tried it out, but unfortunatley it returns the same error. Here from the chip Log: Do You have any other ideas what I am doing wrong? Thank You
  • If the flash is write protected, how could I see it or change it ? But then I shouldn't be able to flash it over uart but that's not a problem.
  • Hi Rojer, thany You for Your answer. I am using the Wroom 02 Board with a size of 2MB. But it is exactley the same firmware I flashed over uart without any Problems. When I upload the same .zip package and try the OTA Update I got this error. Tha…
  • I posted the wrong command: curl -d "{"config": {"sta": {"ssid": "NETGEAR86_DO", "pass": "Netgear_03052018"}}}" The IP Address of the chip in AP Mode is by default
  • Thank You for Your answer. I managed it with the new version of mos(2.7) and the command mos build --platform esp8266 --build-var FLASH_SIZE=2097152 --clean With the build vars in mos.yml it's still not working. Thank You, and best regards