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  • Unfortunately they seem to have dropped support for MFT. You can use it, but you don't get a prompt anymore which is bizarre. JavaScript can be enabled by setting a flag in a makefile if you build the firmware yourself, but the last time I checked i…
  • It sounds excellent, I hope you can make it happen. Better memory management for strings would be a welcome improvement of course. And some way to debug would be a game changer, ideally with the Chrome debugger similar to what can be done with Node.…
  • Not sunsetting JavaScript? That is news to me, but very glad to hear it. Do you have a post somewhere (blog etc?) that describes your current plan for JavaScript? What is the expected timeframe and what will be new about the revised implementation? …
  • Yes thanks.
  • Thanks for the info. Does removing some of those features free up RAM? Or does it just reduce the size of the flash?
  • That's good to know, thanks. So, is there a way to incrementally read a file so as not to exceed available RAM?
  • Maybe you could make it the inclusion of debug capability a flash option in FNC. Or a build option when the firmware image is made. Which brings up another issue. The nodeMCU community (Lua) has a mechanism whereby you can leave out specific subsys…
  • I write quite a bit of node.js code and use node-inspector which allows me to debug it with the Chrome debugger. This allows me to use the same exact debugger for javascript running in the browser and for node.js code running on a server. And in fa…
  • I extracted, built, and flashed firmware today, looks like this problem was fixed! Awesome, thanks!
  • Exported to where? Programmers have to read it out of a file?
  • Please see; The server side (running on a PC) requires Node.js, probably you have worked with it? Clone the project and do 'npm install'. Adjust your server IP address in 8266/wsClient.js and put the…
  • I've got a working prototype of a client/server pair that can download and upload files reliably over a websocket. I'll clean it up over the next few days and post about it in another thread. The server part is a node.js command line app, which make…
  • Its possible that small files hang but larger files upload okay. I have a couple of 200-line files that fortunately will upload properly, but no small files that I have tried will complete. I was able to establish a websocket connection as a client …
  • Still having problems unfortunately, various things appear to be broken that used to work. This simple program for example, the Wifi.scan() function never invokes the callback. var scanCallback = function(apList) {    console.log(apList);} function…
  • Thanks for the suggestion. I was able to get it to connect to my local WiFi network in station mode and then was able to bring up the web console in a browser. The "Keep AP enabled when station is on" checkbox was not checked, maybe this is why it …
  • I downloaded and flashed that firmware (had to download the latest version of FlashnChips in order to do it). Unfortunately I am not seeing the WiFi access point show up that I would have expected after a reboot, and without that I can't upload any …
  • Are we going to see a fix for this? The product is useless as is.
  • Another option might be to just reduce the baud rate on the console serial port down to 9600. That's plenty fast enough for the small program files that will fit on this device.