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  • I was still trying to use DTH11 sensor with AWS. It looks like basic reading the DTH with sample program working fine. But when I configure WiFi to connect and MQTT to AWS enable all readings are wrong. Looks like a timing issue. Any progress findin…
  • Any progress on this please?
  • In fact further testing I see this issue is still there. Mongoose sample code failing to get the right reading from DTH11 while same hardware setup withArduino ide based sample code working fine
  • Looks like when I upgrade to the latest DTH driver and sample app things are working. Thanks for fixing it
  • If you have the original firmware you can always reporogram
  • No. I am on esp32
  • Thanks a lot and this works for me now
  • so for the integrated oLED with ESP32 (Lolin ESP32 Wemos) what is the pin assignment for RESET, SCL and SDA?
  • I am working on a home automation/security project where I like to make some decisions locally and only escalate that event to the cloud only when needed. For example house motion sensors will trigger all the time but till household arm the system t…
    in AWS Greengrass Comment by prim June 2017
  • Yes it's working great. One I upload the greengrass CA cert thing worked perfectly. Thanks for the support. Looks like AWS going to have cli based access to greengrass CA info soon
    in AWS Greengrass Comment by prim June 2017
  • Thanks for the instruction. It did not work 100% for me. Based on your java script I downloaded the cert of the Greengrass to Linux machine. First I downloaded the Private and Public key to my linux machine home drive (mos get ). Then I ran the foll…
    in AWS Greengrass Comment by prim June 2017
  • Use case is alarm security panel with local intelligence and escalation of alarms only when the security system is armed
    in AWS Greengrass Comment by prim June 2017
  • My thinking is to configure the device first to aws iot as usual. Then change the mqtt address to the local greengrass IP address. I was not successful so far with it. Is there any additional things to do to make it connect directly to greengrass
    in AWS Greengrass Comment by prim June 2017
  • Any feedback on Greengrass
    in AWS Greengrass Comment by prim June 2017
  • I modified api_sys.js to include dsleep: ffi('void system_deep_sleep(int)')
  • This is on ESP8266 Documentation. Page 6 refers to the system_deep_sleep
  • Not sure I understand this completely. I tried adding dsleep to mos.yml. But failed at the build with error "undefined reference to dsleep". If I do system_deep_sleep then it compiles but not functioning and system totally crash
  • Thanks. Any similar way to do deep sleep using JS?