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  • I'm seriously thinking of forking V7 and wrap it in C BASIC using the Script BASIC memory/string manager and make it an extension module of Script BASIC. For now V7 is working fine on 64 bit Ubuntu Linux as an extension module. I gave up trying to …
  • "No standard library. No String, Number, RegExp, Date, Function, etc." I need a JavaScript embeddable engine that will execute most 5.1 syntax. I'm not using V7 for a micro controller.
  • I posted on the V7 Github site examples of this problem I'm having in a closed issue another user was having with calling JavaScript functions from C. Can someone from CeSanta take a peek and see if they can find something obvious why this isn't wor…
  • Is there anything unique about doing a v7_get() for a var function and a standard var? I wanted to include the V7 extension module with my upcoming Script BASIC Windows 2.2 release but this issue of getting the function v7_var_t on Windows only is c…
  • Thank You !!! If I can just get V7 to recognize a function name in JavaScript code and return a v7_val_t for it on Windows, (works on Linux) that would make my day. Keep in mind that it works on Windows if compiled as an .exe but calling v7_get() a…
  • Can you confirm that the v7_mk_regexp function has some use at the API / C level? Maybe a one line example wouldn't overflow your plate.
  • Thanks for the status update. I'm focusing on the Linux V7 version as Windows isn't the primary goal for this project.
  • I have spent almost a day trying to get v7_get to return a valid function value. (error being reported) I'm doing the exact same thing as the .exe except calling it dynamically via a FFI interface. Once again, the identical code runs fine with Scrip…
  • I'm giving up on my Windows V7 ext. module. The weirdness is more than I can deal with right now. The Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit version works fine without issue at this point. Charles (Oxygen BASIC JIT compiler author) is trying to get V7 running on Windo…
  • Can you show how to use v7_mk_regexp with a string object variable from C?
  • Once again, it looks like something with Script BASIC's extension module interface API. The following generic C version of this works. #include #include "v7.h" int main(void) { struct v7 *v7 = v7_create(); v7_val_t res, func, args, funcrtn; …
  • FYI The docs for v7_apply() and the definition in the v7.h / v7.c don't match. Documentation /* Call JavaScript function. Pass `undefined` as `this` */ result = v7_apply(v7, func, v7_mk_undefined(), args); printf("Result: %g\n", v7_get_doub…
  • Can someone tell me if this can or can't be done. I'm about to abandon this project due to lack of Cesanta support.
  • Here is an example in JavaScript code I would like to accomplish from the V7 API starting with v7_mk_regexp. Note: Extra escape \ characters added to jscode multi-line string. IMPORT jscode = """ var re = /(\\w+)\\s(\\w+)/; var str = 'John…
  • Should I assume based on no response, lack of any references, that the regexp functionality hasn't been implemented at the API level yet (SLRE - Super Light Regular Expression library) and is only available via v7_exec (JavaScript code)?
  • Just a brief example would be fine. Anyone?
  • Found it. A weird macro bug in Script BASIC's extension API if a certain pattern of arguments are used. I need to fix this as it has bitten me in the ass more times then I will admit.
  • It must be something with my Script BASIC V7 interface as it works fine as a standalone generic V7 .exe program.
  • Thanks for the info!
  • I created a new jswin32.dll with a library of libjs.a to link with your C projects. I removed the utf8 option for the Windows version and I removed the debug symbols from being included. (command line compile mods) gcc myjspgm.c -o myjspgm.exe -l…
  • The return value (as a double) under Windows 32 bit is -1.#QNANe+000 for a passed string of "ABC123xyz" Using a long type for v7_val_t under Linux 64 bit works fine. UPDATE It seems that if I use a variable to hold the string I plan to pass, I ne…
  • I seem to be having a problem returning a valid value with v7_mk_string() under Windows using the value_to_double() function under Windows 32 bit. I'm able to return a string created by a v7_exec(). Any ideas? Using LONG on Linux 64 bit for v7_val_t…
  • The FFI issue of passing v7_val_t has been resolved with the help of Cesanta's Marko Mikulicic's support. He created a set of conversion functions using a union which allowed me to pass the 64 bit values in a double variable type. This also allows o…
  • Here is a quick example of using V7 as a shared object (DLL) rather than embedding the engine in your program under Windows 32 bit. (deftest.exe = 29,806 bytes) #include #include "v7.h" int main(void) { struct v7 *v7 = v7_create(); …