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How to scan a Wifi network

hi guys,

I would like to use the description like:

But when I use Wifi.scan the console says

MJS callback error: Wifi is not defined

I didn't find a api_wifi.js

I tried it with the following example

thanks for helping


  • What do I wrong?

    let Wifi = {
      scan: ffi('void mgos_wifi_scan(void(*)(char**, userdata), userdata)')

    Wifi.scan(function(data, args){

    for the following c-definition:

    typedef void (*mgos_wifi_scan_cb_t)(const char **ssids, void *arg);
    void mgos_wifi_scan(mgos_wifi_scan_cb_t cb, void *arg);

    I get in the console:

    MJS callback error: failed to call FFI signature "void mgos_wifi_scan(void(*)(char**, userdata), userdata)": cannot resolve function l : invalid JSON string

    thanks for helping

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    add mgos_wifi_scan to mos.yml and rebuild the firmware

  • Hi Sergey thanks for helping. That did the trick to call the function, but it isn't clear - especially with this function - how to access the returned char-list of ssids. I've tried now many possibilities, but none of them worked.

    I've tried

    scan: ffi('void mgos_wifi_scan(void(*)(char **, userdata), userdata)')


    scan: ffi('void mgos_wifi_scan(void(*)(char *, userdata), userdata)')

    because the documentation says just only char * are allowed.

    When I do

    let callback = function(ssids, data){
    Wifi.scan(callback, {});

    I don't know how to get the correct data from ssids. I don't find another function that seems similar with egos_wifi_scan, but nothing found.

    It seems some other people used Wifi.scan already but is there an api_wifi.js somewhere I can use? Does exist another trick how to scan for ssids?

    thanks for helping

  • someone an idea, how to access skids in the callback? There is no definition for const char list to access in mjs.

    thanks for any help

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