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Unable to use mqtt as port for remote management


I've been trying to use the mongoose-os UI to act as a remote management interface for a bunch of wemos boards. All the nodes can connect to the mqtt broker and communication is ok. The only missing piece is using mos to manage these nodes remotely since I don't have them connected to my laptop via usb.

Every time I try to do it I get an error message. I must be doing some very stupid but could someone help me?

./mos  --port mqtt:// call Sys.GetInfo
E0315 14:43:26.426463   21103 reconnect_wrapper.go:93] [reconnectWrapperCodec to mqtt://; connect in 2.00s] connection error: MQTT connect error: Network Error : %!s(<nil>)
Network Error : %!s(<nil>)
/Users/lsm/src/ MQTT connect error


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