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NodeMCU Not Connecting to AWS IoT



  • Pradeep_CSEPradeep_CSE Bangalore
    edited March 2017


    Need help in configuring AWS IoT policy which is step 4: Connect to Cloud
    I have logged into AWS, I have successfully completed other three steps.
    Now I don't understand why policy down-down us not working!

    Thanks in advance :)

  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland

    you need a valid policy to connect to AWS IoT. do you see mos-default in the list?
    earlier today i pushed a windows version of mos tool that should always have it in the list.
    if your mos tool is older than a few hours, update it and try again.

  • Hi rojer,
    Currently I have this Version: 20170223-013339/lsm@c326da37
    mos-default is not shown up.

    Some questions on my mind:
    Do I need to install any AWS SDK for windows ?
    Do I need put ***certificate.pem.crt / ***private.pem.key on to the device using mos ?

  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland

    no, you don't need to do anything, mos will create certificates, a thing and (since a couple days ago) a policy too.

    however, you're using an old version. i built one just yesterday, should be 20170315-... - go get a new one from

  • Hey Rojer,
    Now its working super fine.
    Cheers :smiley:
    Thanks for your support!

  • This is my first time trying out MOS. It is certainly not clear on this page that MOS.EXE has recently been updated. I must have downloaded it sometime back so did not download again today.

    I have now spent ages trying to work out how to sort out the AWS policy issue (partly because I'm a noob there too) as could not find mos-default. I eventually came across this post that helped.

    Hence please introduce some form of version control or something to prevent these issues.

    I am also watching this youtube video which casually throws in the mos-default as a policy to use. Please add in your comments below that if a viewer cannot find mos-default that they update MOS.EXE.


  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland
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