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Stupid newbie question: how to switch off provisioning commit timer?

Hi there. I'm exploring use of Mongoose OS, writing C on an ESP32 WROOM 32 board, flashing the binary image locally with mos. I have managed to write the simple test program I intended to write (UDP echo to a server of my own) but Mongoose OS resets the board after running for 5 minutes because of the provisioning commit timer. How do I switch this timer off, or otherwise make the system happy that the binary I've just downloaded to it is a good binary so that it leaves me alone?

I've tried Googling for "commit" and "provisioning"; all I've found is calling mgos_upd_commit() but I can't find the header that's contained in. Also tried specifying --commit_timeout 0 when building but that had no effect.

I'm basically bumbling around. Help please!


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