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After update to mos 2.12.1 reboot cycle of esp32

claudioRotazoneclaudioRotazone Switzerland
edited March 4 in Mongoose OS

Hello everybody,
would like to report an error on the ESP32 with mongoose Release 2.12.1.

After this update (mos update) and updating the mos-libs with: git pull, now at (commit 69d868cb705fe64b1f14f2f7a0345e13efa9dc90)
my device (esp32) is entering in a reboot cycle with the following message:

[Mar  4 11:50:27.220] ets Jun  8 2016 00:22:57
[Mar  4 11:50:27.220] 
[Mar  4 11:50:27.220] rst: bootl ets Jun  8 2016 00:22:57
[Mar  4 11:50:27.226] 
[Mar  4 11:50:27.226] rst:0x1 (POWERON_RESET),boot:0x13 (SPI_FAST_FLASH_BOOT)
[Mar  4 11:50:27.229] configsip: 0, SPIWP:0xee
[Mar  4 11:50:27.231] clk_drv:0x00,q_drv:0x00,d_drv:0x00,cs0_drv:0x00,hd_drv:0x00,wp_drv:0x00
[Mar  4 11:50:27.237] mode:DIO, clock div:1
[Mar  4 11:50:27.239] load:0x3fff0018,len:4
[Mar  4 11:50:27.242] load:0x3fff001c,len:6188
[Mar  4 11:50:27.245] load:0x40078000,len:9592
[Mar  4 11:50:27.248] load:0x40080400,len:6944
[Mar  4 11:50:27.248] entry 0x40080740
[Mar  4 11:50:27.253] I (28) boot: ESP-IDF v3.2-r2 2nd stage bootloader
[Mar  4 11:50:27.256] I (29) boot: compile time 10:48:19
[Mar  4 11:50:27.262] I (29) boot: Enabling RNG early entropy source...
[Mar  4 11:50:27.267] I (33) qio_mode: Enabling default flash chip QIO
[Mar  4 11:50:27.273] I (38) boot: SPI Speed      : 80MHz
[Mar  4 11:50:27.276] I (43) boot: SPI Mode       : QIO
[Mar  4 11:50:27.281] I (47) boot: SPI Flash Size : 4MB
[Mar  4 11:50:27.284] I (51) boot: Partition Table:
[Mar  4 11:50:27.287] I (54) boot: ## Label            Usage          Type ST Offset   Length   Flags
[Mar  4 11:50:27.295] I (62) boot: End of partition table
[Mar  4 11:50:27.301] E (66) boot: No bootable app partitions in the partition table

the build command was:
mos build --clean --local --libs-dir ../../../../embeddedSoftware/esp32/components/ --verbose --platform esp32

Does somebody have similar problems and if, how could you resolve the issue?


  • claudioRotazoneclaudioRotazone Switzerland

    If i let away the closed source components of the mos-libs and i compile the firmware with the
    mos version (2.11.0) "mos update 2.11.0", then i don't have any problems with this reboot cycle.

    Even when i try to keep away the closed source components of the mos-libs with the mos version (2.12.1)
    i only see repetitive reboot cycle like described above.

    Working firmware build with mos (2.11.0):
    mos build --clean --local --verbose --platform esp32

    Not working firmware (reboot problem) with mos (2.12.1):
    mos build --clean --local --verbose --platform esp32

  • claudioRotazoneclaudioRotazone Switzerland

    The problem with the reboot cycle after the update from 2.11.0 to 2.12.1 was with a faulty flash chip on the ESP-WROOM32 on our testsystem. After exchanging the ESP-WROOM32 module on our hardware the newly built firmware with the 2.12.1 version is again working.

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