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GPS and GSM(by PPPos) Connecting to ESp32(runnig mongoose os and Connected to Google IOT core).

I am designing a GPS tracker which takes GPS data from GPS module(Neo 6M) and through PPPos connection will send it to Google IOT cloud, I am able to run both modules independently and they work perfectly.
But when i connect them together on UART2->(GMS) and UART1->(GPS), ppp connection becomes less reliable and fails very frequently. On changing the GPS's update interval the behavior of GSM connection changes. I am unable to figure out what the problem is.. Please help me with this..


  • Hi,

    Are you actually sending GPS data via GSM? Is it less reliable also when you only read data from GPS and not send it via GSM? And what are the sympthoms of that "unrealiability"?

  • Unreliability in the sense that when i use GPS on UART(1) and GSM on UART(2) the PPP connection sometimes connects and then disconnects this connect and disconnect happens for all the time. And when i only use gsm and no gps it works perfectly.

  • I think in some way gps disturbs the connectivity of gsm over ppp.

  • And do you send any data via GSM already?

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  • yes if GSM alone is connected to esp32 it works and sends data without a problem

  • and when gps is also connected then i cannot send any data, only connect and disconnect happens

  • And does it disconnect if you just read from GPS but send nothing via GSM (just connect)?

  • yes it disconnects, just after defining the ports in mos.yml and connecting them it starts connecting and disconnecting

  • can i use two modules together by two uart's?? or i have to use it one at a time?? i think when gps is being used gsm disconnects and is the problem..

  • I have no experience in that but I hope you could. Maybe try to lower baud rates, try to switch UART ports, try to increase debug.level to 3 to see more details, debug UART1 (maybe GSM module restarts for some reason like low power...?)

  • @Sacp328 @rojer gave you some advice yesterday on gitter.
    And I see in the M95_Hardware_Design that the device needs 1.6A for short times.

  • @nliviu yes i will try @rojer sir's advice but my module got burned down so before the new one gets delivered i am just exploring the problem.

  • @UserMartin okk i'll check.
    @nliviu i am suppling 4.2V to the gsm module not sure about the current , probably it can draw the amount of current it needs by itself

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