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Problem with serial console readings on CC3220 "read err EOF"

KhaledJKhaledJ Qatar
edited February 26 in Mongoose OS

I have flashed the "empty" project which sends a “hello there” message from my TI CC3220 to the mos tool. However, once the program starts execution I get an error as highlighted inside the serial console in the image below and I don’t receive the “hello there” message. How to fix this issue? Also how can I copy the text from the console? because CTRL+C is not working for me.


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    Does it work from commandline?

    Stop existing mos.exe and run

    mos.exe console --port COM16
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  • yes I can see the messages now. I opened Windows Powershell in the directory where mos.exe is installed and typed this command "./mos.exe console --port COM16" and now I can see the messages of "hello there" thanks for your help.

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