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Connect LCD with i2C

edited February 26 in Mongoose OS

I want to connect a LCD 1x9 to my esp32. I'm using an olimex board and olimex UEXT lcd1x9 display (sda=13 scl=16, address=56)
en I2Cscan shows me the lcd on address 56
I can't find an example how i can get this working.

i changed conf0.json:
"i2c": {
"enable": true,
"freq": 100000,
"debug": false,
"unit_no": 0,
"sda_gpio": 13,
"scl_gpio": 16

in the init.js i have this
I2C.write(myI2C, ?, ?,1,true);

but what do i have to fill in to send characters to the LCD display?
how can i for example clear the screen, how can i turn on backlight, how to write ASCII to the lcd....

any help or example is welcome.

Thanks a lot


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