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Using dash API from browser - no CORS?

If I do a Dashboard REST request from a web application hosted on my own domain then the request fails, saying that the dash server doesn't support CORS.

Uploading my web application to the PWA code editor works fine, which I presume is because the domains now match so there is no CORS issue.

I can use the PWA hosting for the moment, but it's not ideal:

  • the script editor is awkward to use for anything but the simplest apps.
  • I want the app to hosted on my own domain.
  • there is no version control with the PWA app.

Is there a reason that CORS isn't enabled on the dash server? Or is there another way that I can get the app to work from my domain?




  • siftd106siftd106 United States

    I will second this request of enabling CORS for the dashboard API endpoints.
    My use case is the same. I am trying to host a web app (on our own domain) that consumers the dashboard apis.


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