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Converting Arduino code to Mongoose OS

I currently have esp8266s connecting to to make functions accessible via http requests, however I have found their reliability to be less than ideal and I don't have a remote device firmware update solution. I'm hoping to switch everything over to use mdash and mongoose. I am planning to use rpc's to execute the functions

my devices do a few things:
Monitor light levels using a tcs34725 and perform actions when thresholds are crossed (red or green lights)
Operate a servo based on a web call
Change colors on a strip of NeoPixels

I would like to use the arduino library by adafruit for the tcs34725 sensor, but this hasn't been ported and there is little documentation on how to port a library. Is there some documentation I'm missing or can someone point me in the right direction? Once I can read the light values, I plan on using a timer on loop to check for crossing that light level threshold.




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