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Issues with building demo app for ESP8266 1M or 2M flash

1. Describe your goal

I want to be able to build the demo firmware for ESP8266 1M

2. Show what you do to achieve the goal - the code, commands, etc

Followed all the steps in the guide page of your website
- selected the board I want to build
- cloned the app mos clone app1
- typed mos build which in terms runs mos build --platform esp8266 --build-var BOARD=esp8266-1M

3. Show the result you see - logs, output, observed behavior

Build fails and reading the very long log I can see the following

Fetching libmbedtls-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a (2.11.0) from
E0204 11:18:23.197655       1 swmodule.go:349] GitHub asset libmbedtls-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a download failed (attempt 3): mongoose-os-libs/mbedtls: no asset libmbedtls-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a found in release 2.11.0
Fetching libmongoose-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a (2.11.0) from
E0204 11:18:32.163173       1 swmodule.go:349] GitHub asset libmongoose-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a download failed (attempt 3): mongoose-os-libs/mongoose: no asset libmongoose-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a found in release 2.11.0
Fetching libota-common-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a (2.11.0) from
E0204 11:18:36.896865       1 swmodule.go:349] GitHub asset libota-common-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a download failed (attempt 3): mongoose-os-libs/ota-common: no asset libota-common-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a found in release 2.11.0
Fetching libota-http-client-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a (2.11.0) from
E0204 11:18:41.446644       1 swmodule.go:349] GitHub asset libota-http-client-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a download failed (attempt 3): mongoose-os-libs/ota-http-client: no asset libota-http-client-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a found in release 2.11.0
Fetching libota-shadow-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a (2.11.0) from
E0204 11:18:45.965938       1 swmodule.go:349] GitHub asset libota-shadow-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a download failed (attempt 3): mongoose-os-libs/ota-shadow: no asset libota-shadow-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a found in release 2.11.0
Fetching libdash-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a (2.11.0) from
E0204 11:18:50.570515       1 swmodule.go:349] GitHub asset libdash-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a download failed (attempt 3): mongoose-os-libs/dash: no asset libdash-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a found in release 2.11.0
Fetching libota-http-server-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a (2.11.0) from
E0204 11:18:55.288322       1 swmodule.go:349] GitHub asset libota-http-server-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a download failed (attempt 3): mongoose-os-libs/ota-http-server: no asset libota-http-server-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a found in release 2.11.0
Fetching librpc-service-ota-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a (2.11.0) from
E0204 11:18:59.528353       1 swmodule.go:349] GitHub asset librpc-service-ota-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a download failed (attempt 3): mongoose-os-libs/rpc-service-ota: no asset librpc-service-ota-esp8266-esp8266-1M.a found in release 2.11.0
Adding api_rpc.js: SPIFFS_write failed: -10001
*** Out of space, tried to write 2792 bytes ***
/mongoose-os/fw/platforms/esp8266/ recipe for target '/fwbuild-volumes/2.11.0/apps/app1/esp8266/build_contexts/build_ctx_496953371/build/objs/fw_temp/fs.bin' failed
make: *** [/fwbuild-volumes/2.11.0/apps/app1/esp8266/build_contexts/build_ctx_496953371/build/objs/fw_temp/fs.bin] Error 1
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
make: Leaving directory '/app'
Error: exit status 2
/go/src/ build failed
Error: /go/src/ build failed
/go/src/ build failed
exit status 1

4. Describe the result you expect
I want to be able to build the firmware for ESP8266 1M


  • When you build for ESP8266-1M/2M the filesystem has only 128KB and there not enough space for all the api_*.js

    Start with the empty application and add only the libraries you really need.
    If you don't need mJS, demo-c implements the same functionality as demo-js does, but uses C instead of mJS.

  • edited February 2019

    Thank you seems that the c demo builds ok.

    Got it, now it makes sense, although probably a mention should be put somewhere that the demo app is too big, I ordered some 4M chips will test if I can update the ESP-01 with them

    Mersi de ajutor :)

  • :smile:

    You can't disable libraries directly in the demo-js application. It loads indirectly demo-bundle which links in a lot of libraries. Have a look at *.yml.

    My approach is to start with the empty application and add the libraries I need in mos.yml.

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