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Modifying Demo App

andys1970andys1970 United Kingdom

hi there, I am using the first demo app. It works fine. Now I would like to transmit some additional data from my ESP8266 and display it on the mobile app. I can see the new data (just constants at this stage) appearing i the device shadow. I have modified the mobile PWA code so that the list has items for displaying the new items. But I cannot get the new constant values to display on the page? Can you help? I have 3 new values.


  • andys1970andys1970 United Kingdom

    I have got this working now.

    However this is not displaying correctly
    { type: 'value', path: 'DeviceName', format: ' Device Name: %s', icon: 'fa-bar-chart-o' },

    I am setting this in the demo app with

    state.DeviceName = 'Logger01';

    is %s the correct method for displaying strings?

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