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Heap Log Analyser for esp32

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I am on Windows 10(Home edition) and refering to the Heap Log Analyser Documentation . It is written that when we set the debug level to 3 and add 'build_vars' to the 'mos.yml' , rebuild and flash it , we get to see alot of hl{...} in our console log. I am running the default mjs example code and for me the console log is not showing anything new regarding the heap log messages. I have attached my yml file and the console.log. Thanks...


  • Heap log tracing is available only for ESP8266:

    egrep --include="Makefile.*" -rn "MGOS_ENABLE_CALL_TRACE|MGOS_ENABLE_HEAP_LOG" ~/cesanta/mongoose-os
    /path/cesanta/mongoose-os/fw/platforms/esp8266/ ?= 0
    /path/cesanta/mongoose-os/fw/platforms/esp8266/ ?= 0
    /path/cesanta/mongoose-os/fw/platforms/esp8266/ "${MGOS_ENABLE_HEAP_LOG}${MGOS_ENABLE_CALL_TRACE}" "00"
    /path/cesanta/mongoose-os/fw/platforms/esp8266/  HEAP_LOG_FLAGS += -DMGOS_ENABLE_HEAP_LOG
    /path/cesanta/mongoose-os/fw/platforms/esp8266/ "${MGOS_ENABLE_CALL_TRACE}" "1"
    /path/cesanta/mongoose-os/fw/platforms/esp8266/  HEAP_LOG_FLAGS += -finstrument-functions -DCALL_TRACE_SIZE=33 -DMGOS_ENABLE_CALL_TRACE
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    @nliviu I have noticed that whenever a core dump happens, it creates a file named 'core-...' inside the app directory. Is there any way to analyse the core dumps on esp32? I can't figure out the cause for it by looking at the generated files :( .My guess is it is related to heap .The core-dump file starts with something like this:
    <`--- BEGIN CORE DUMP ---
    {"app": "MyApp", "arch": "esp32", "version": "1.0", "build_id": "20190126-105326", "build_image": "",
    "REGS": {"addr": 1073533444, "data": "

  • nliviunliviu Romania
    edited January 2019

    mos debug-core-dump core_file_here
    Or if you have mos console running, you'll see the results of the analysis.

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