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OneWire ESP8266 no devices

edited January 2019 in Mongoose OS

Hey guys,
what I'm trying to build sounds rather easy:
mutiple ESP8266(ESP12) with connected 1wire ds18b20 sensors which publish to one mqtt broker.

The mqtt stuff is working, but I'm not able to read any values from the onewire sensors.

I tried multiple libraries, none of them found any devices (I connected 3 different ones, so I can cut out a damaged sensor), so last thing I did was clone this app-example:
Result: "No device found"

- 3.3V to 1wire +
- 3.3V via 4k7 to Data (pin 21/RX)
- Data to 1wire-Data
- Gnd to 1wire-Gnd

Any advices or known issues with the onewire implementation?


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