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U-BLOX NINA W - urgent

How are you ?
i am support to u-blox **in Brazil (Smartcore). We use the U-BLOX NINA W module that uses ESP32, **but with 2Mbytes FLASH.
I was writing a blog, i successfully transfer the app to NINA W, but got the following error, i think that is partition size problem. Does the mongoose run using 2Mb ESP32 Flash ? How can i solve this ?

Thank you!


  • tcpipchiptcpipchip Blumenau
    edited January 4

    Thanks to help me!
    where is the
    mongoose-os/fw/platforms/esp32/ file ?
    Who install it ?
    I only used MOS.exe

  • rodrmigurodrmigu Fairfax, Virginia


    You won't see it because this is done on their remote environment, so I think will be easier if you use local build using docker, someone please correct if I'm wrong.

    I don't use windows for microcontroller development, only linux. So, use the following approach for linux:

    • Install mos for linux.

    • Install docker. After install docker, add your user to docker group, then logout and login back:

    sudo usermod -aG docker $USER
    • For the first time, just to download the libraries, use something like this (change the location of --libs-dir to your preferred place)
    mkdir ~/mongoose/libs
    mos build--platform esp32 --local --libs-dir ~/mongoose/libs 

    You will find the in the location: ~/mongoose/libs/modules/mongoose-os/fw/platforms/esp32/

    So, then you make the changes in the link mentioned by Liviu. In order to not overwrite the changes you made in , you could use the following to prevent libs from being updated:

    mos build--platform esp32 --local --libs-dir ~/mongoose/libs --no-libs-update

    Here are some tips on docker:

    - List downloaded images
    $ docker image ls
    - When compiling, you can see the docker containers running, after the compile finishes, you won't see it
    $ docker ps -a
    $ docker container ls -a

    Hope this helps


  • tcpipchiptcpipchip Blumenau

    I will install docker and try to run on NINA W!!!!

  • nliviunliviu Romania

    If you modify a file in libs-dir, there is no need to use the flag --no-libs-update.
    mos will say something like <libs-dir>/modules/mongoose-os exists and is dirty, leaving it intact and will not update the module/library.

    Thanked by 1rodrmigu
  • tcpipchiptcpipchip Blumenau

    no success on windows
    I will try now on LINUX

    nliviu said
    you may be able to squeeze into 2MB by reducing FS_SIZE and APP_SLOT_SIZE

    But default FS_SIZE + APP_SLOT_SIZE is already 2Mb in that github

  • tcpipchiptcpipchip Blumenau

    I guess that this the correct to 2Mb flash

    export APP_SLOT_SIZE ?= 0x140000 <========
    FS_IMG = $(FW_STAGING_DIR)/fs.img
    export NVS_ADDR = 0x9000 <===========
    export NVS_SIZE = 0x5000 <===========
    export APP_OFFSET = 0x10000 <========
    export OTA_DATA_ADDR = 0xe000 <===========
    export OTA_DATA_SIZE = 0x2000 <==========

    I have to test late on LINUX

  • Rodrigo, can you test making a config with 2MB flash ? (esp32)
  • tcpipchiptcpipchip Blumenau
    edited January 21

    I finally can compile with linux.

    I had changed the APP_SLOT to lower size...but i am always having partion error!
    offset 0x1d0000 size 0x180000 exceds flash chip size!
    Not make sense that values, never changes...

    why this offet 0x1d0000 ? i cant find on

    I change the APP_SLOT and always gives the same address.

    Looks that changing
    Dont make diffence after execute
    mos build--platform esp32 --local --libs-dir ~/mongoose/libs --no-libs-update
    and then
    mos flash --port /dev/ttyUSBx

    please, change export APP_SLOT_SIZE ?= 0xB8000, and see if works there :neutral:

    Please, help me!

  • rodrmigurodrmigu Fairfax, Virginia

    Sorry, but I'm pretty new on Mongoose as well, started to use it about a month ago. So I would recommend you to try reach out these guys through chat, I think some guys there would help on this particular matter better than me.

    Good lucky.

  • ok! Thank you!

  • tcpipchiptcpipchip Blumenau
    edited January 28 used (bold where i changed)

    Only this

    export APP_SLOT_SIZE ?= 0xB8000, from the original

  • mos build --platform esp32 --local i use!

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    Building a minimal app, with nothing:

    mos clone app1
    cd app1
    mos build --platform esp32 --build-var APP_SLOT_SIZE=0xe0000 --build-var MGOS_ROOT_FS_SIZE=65536
    mos flash

    If you add ota, aws, libs, it would not flash anymore, cause the FW won't fit into the 1M size.

    The solution might be to edit the fw/platforms/esp32/src/partitions_mgos.csv, set the size of app_1 and fs_1 to some small values, and do a local build.

  • ok, it´s time to me stop! 2Mb it´s not enough! thank you for all help!

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