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Can't build for CC3220 with latest mos, mongoose-os, and mos-libs

I've been busy with other projects for a while. Today I thought I'd try to build my mongoose-os project again (for the CC3220SF).

I have pulled the latest mongoose-os repo and also the mos-libs.
I think I have the latest version of the mos utility. Here's the answer I get when issuing the command mos help
The Mongoose OS command line tool, v. 2.4.2+???~brew.
I use the same command line when trying to build my project (that has not been changed).
mos build --platform cc3220 --local --libs-dir ./mos-libs --repo ../mongoose-os --clean --verbose

Now I get the following error message:
Error: can't build for the platform cc3220; only those platforms are supported: [cc3200 esp32 esp8266]

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  • leongcyleongcy Singapore

    Can you try issue the command "mos update latest".

    I am trying to build the 'demo-c' example apps
    when I update the mos utility with "mos update release" - the build end up in errors
    but after updating with "mos update latest" - the build is OK.

  • ulsoulso Stockholm

    I'm using mos on macOS and installed it via homebrew. Don't know if it is possible to do a mos update latest without getting into some other problems.

  • @ulso , I think just make sure the mos executable is in your path, which homebrew should have taken cared of for you and ran it.

  • ulsoulso Stockholm

    I'm happy to report that it now works fine to build for CC3220 again. Thanks to @rojer

  • jonahseejonahsee Malaysia

    Hi I'm having the same problem now with the latest MOS tool on windows.
    The Mongoose OS command line tool 201901011519
    When I build i get this error at the end

    Error: /go/src/ can't build for the platform cc3220; only those platforms are supported: [esp32 esp8266]
            /go/src/ build failed
            Error: /go/src/ build failed

    The build works fine when I build with ESP32 without changing anything in the mos.yml file

    Anyone here can help?

  • nliviunliviu Romania
    edited January 8

    only those platforms are supported: [esp32 esp8266] tells you that one of the libraries is not available for cc3220.

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  • jonahseejonahsee Malaysia

    It works now for the same libraries. Perhaps it was just a bug. However I'm now getting the below error in the mos console after I flash to my CC3220SF-LAUNCHXL
    MJS error: Failed to read file 'app.js

    and I am unable to read values from a DHT sensor, using the js API.

    The libraries in my mos.yml files are as follows:

      - origin:
      - origin:
      - origin:
      - origin:
      - origin:
      - origin:
      - origin:
      - origin: 
      - origin: 
      - origin:
      - origin:
      - origin:

    Have been using a ESP32 and everything was working fine. Am I missing something in relation to the CC3220?

  • nliviunliviu Romania
    edited January 9

    The support for app.js has been recently added
    You can ignore that error.

    I can't help further because I don't have a CC3220 to test.

    What do you mean by "I am unable to read values from a DHT sensor"? What is the console log saying?
    There is an example-dht-js which should work.

  • jonahseejonahsee Malaysia

    Hi thanks @nliviu. I am now able to read the DHT values from pin16 of the CC3220, but am unable to read from different GPIO pins.
    I have enabled all of them as inputs with
    GPIO.set_mode(pin, GPIO.MODE_INPUT)

    The pin outs for the C3220 are as shown in the image
    ( "")

    Is there a difference with the GPIO pins?

  • nliviunliviu Romania

    Have a look here

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