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Is Mongoose good for a thesis project?

Hello community! I'm currently doing my bachelor thesis and I need to use ESP32 as the core of my PCB. The functionality i need from Mongoose OS is to communicate using I2C with an ADC, WiFi connection and transmission of some measurements to the mobile app and some lookup table functions. I'm mainly worried because i've never used an RTOS, my programming experience has mainly been in C/C++ for 8 bit PIC18F and some arduino. I'm also currently reading some JS. Do you think mongoose os is good enough for the above functions and where would you recommend i get started at?


  • My beginning experience with Mongoose OS has been highly satisfactory; getting it configured on the wireless and sending data to AWS IOT was extremely straightforward.

    How do you want to get the data to the mobile app?

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  • The beauty of Mongoose OS is that your code will work on all the supported platforms (if you use Mongoose OS C or mJS API).

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  • mamuespmamuesp Germany/Northern coast

    As Mongoose-OS is definitely targeting professional use cases, it has high standards in case of consistency and stability. So at minimum is to state that you have more smooth and stable results as on the Arduino framework basis and easier development as on the specific systems provided by the SoC manufacturer. And surplus you have the possibility to use the same code (with small adaptions) on different systems. So these facts are speaking for themselves I believe.

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  • Thanks for your answer guys. I tried some led blinking and I2C communications and it was fine. The only downside so far i've noticed is some communication problems while flashing. Also if i manage to create a driver of a specific ADC where should i post it? I'm a fan of open source

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