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OTA update is getting reverted back to previous version


I am using AWS shadow to do OTA update. I am able to do an OTA update to a device which is in a remote location but within a few minutes, it is reverting back to old firmware. How to commit using AWS shadow?


  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    Make sure shadow.autocommit is true.
    Then, if the device connects to the shadow after the update, it autocommits itself.

  • AWS does not allow anything outside shadow.desired or shadow.reported

  • praveenapoojarypraveenapoojary Bangalore
    edited November 2018

    @Sergey Where should I add shadow.autocommit key?

      "desired": {
        "ota": {
          "url": ""
      "reported": {
        "connectedTo": "Srikanthclairco",
        "ota": {
          "fw_version": "1.0",
          "fw_id": "20181105-062413",
          "mac": "240AC4AE9F24",
          "device_id": "10000100",
          "app": "Mongoose",
          "arch": "esp32",
          "message": "idle",
          "status": 0,
          "is_committed": true,
          "commit_timeout": 300,
          "partition": 0,
          "progress_percent": 0,
          "url": ""
  • @Sergey Sorry for my misunderstanding. I realized that I have to put shadow.autocommit as config variable rather in aws shadow. It is working now. Thanks for your help.

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    You're welcome

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