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What does mgos_sys_config_get_device_id() do?

I am looking for a way to serialize products using numbers that are embedded in the ESP-32 IC. I know I can use the MAC Address for this purpose, however it seems like overkill. This function works, and seems to return a unique number, however I can't find any information on the meaning of the number returned. Anybody have any experience with this?




  • Example code for the default settings:

      struct mg_str mac = mg_mk_str(mgos_sys_ro_vars_get_mac_address());
      LOG(LL_INFO, ("mgos_sys_config_get_device_id: %s (mac: %.*s)",
                    mgos_sys_config_get_device_id(), mac.len, mac.p));


    mgos_sys_config_get_device_id: esp32_8F21B8 (mac: 30AEA48F21B8)

    The part after esp32_ represents the lowest 3 bytes of the mac address.
    AFAIK, you can override

    ["", "s", {title: "Device ID"}],  # Note: Each arch defines a default

    in your mos.yml

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  • Hi nliviu,

    Thanks for your help. We will use this.


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