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Problems upgrading firmware locally on CC3220 platform

When upgrading the firmware locally on my old CC3200 board I used the following script:

# Perform the update.
echo "Firmware update..."
curl -v -F file=@build/ -F commit_timeout=300 http://$1/update

# Give it 15 seconds to reboot.
echo "Waiting 15 seconds..."
sleep 15

# Perform the commit.
echo "Commiting..."
curl -v http://$1/update/commit

# Get boot state after commit.
echo "Check boot state..."
mos call --port ws://$1/rpc OTA.GetBootState

That doesn't work when trying to upgrade the firmware locally on my new CC3220-based board (or one of the CC3220-based TI Launchpads).

It seems that the OTA.GetBootState doesn't work.
mos --port ws:// call OTA.GetBootState
returns Error: remote error -1:

The command mos --port ws:// call RPC.List

returns the following list, so it seems the OTA.GetBootState is indeed there.



  • ulsoulso Stockholm

    I also tried this with an ESP32 board, and there everything still works perfect. So, it can't be my development setup either. It must be something weird going on with the CC3220, either in the mos tool or the mongoose-os.

  • leongcyleongcy Singapore

    I am having the same issue here, OTA.GetBootState doesn't work. I am using CC3220SF TI LaunchPad.

    mos --port ws:// call OTA.GetBootState
    returns Error: remote error -1:

    Anyone managed to perform firmware upgrade on CC3220SF LaunchPad?

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