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Manufacturer Libraries with Mongoose OS

Mongoose team,

Regarding Mongoose OS and Espressif's ESP32 specifically, I have the understanding that Mongoose OS was built on top of the ESP-IDF so standard libraries are rolled in and Espressif APIs are usable. This is great and very useful. However, I am working with Espressif's HomeKit SDK which has some libraries (built on the ESP-IDF SDK) that I would like to somehow include in the build. I am wondering the procedure to include these libraries, since the mos development environment is a bit different than the ESP-IDF development environment. There are no make files, particularly. Am I able to add these libraries somehow via the mos.yml file, or would I need the specific source code used to build these libraries?

Best Regards
Jonathan Witthoeft


  • Have you got to work? what is the lwip version of mongoose used?
    I want to build esp32 homekit device.
  • Hey JonW!

    Did you solve your problem? I have the same

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    The "right way" is to get the source code of that library and wrap it into the mOS library.
    Then, include the mOS library by adding a line to the libs: section in the mos.yml file.

    Also, adding a library's directory to the sources: section might also work.

    Thanked by 1Sergey_I
  • Sergey_ISergey_I Moscow
    edited March 2018

    Hi Sergey,

    Is there an example how to do wrapping? Could you provide a link to any library before wrapping and after?
    Also which SDK version is currently running behind Mongoose_C compiler for ESP32? Thee latest version of ESP-IDF is v3.1, and there were big changes in ADC handling since v3.0.

  • @Sergey_I Did you make progress on integrating the HomeKit SDK?

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