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Attempt to create U8g2 lib fails due to size


I attempted to compile the U8g2 graphics library with the mos build command and ran into this error message:

Connecting to, user test
Uploading sources (4460031 bytes)
Error: error response: 400: max size 2097152 exceeded (upload size is 4459509)

Ok - I get it with the upload limit. The issue is with the fonts file (13835494 bytes). I wanted to give this library a try as I don't like the Adafruit startup screen and being limited to just the 5x7 font that's part of the mongoose version of the lib.

I see that the u8g2 library optimizes itself during compilation via this discussion -> (I think - I'm not a c/c++ compile/build expert). I guess my question is any thoughts on adjusting the upload able source size to accommodate build situations like this, i.e., where the starting payload is large but the produced lib.a is relatively small?



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