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Mongoose OS Bluetooth App Prototype

Hey All,

I wanted to share a project I am going to be working on in the coming weeks and months. It's a app designed for android specifically for using the ESP32 Bluetooth with Mongoose OS. Rather than using the one on the bluetooth page, I figure I would create one that is more human readable and requires less work to input data. The hope is eventually this is something that could be used by the average client/customer. It's open sourced, your welcome to use it and make it your own for your own company. You can check it out here and let me know if it's working or if you have issues.

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  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    Wow that's excellent.

    Do you plan to pre-build an .apk file in order for people like me try out current builds?
    I don't have android build environment set up.

  • I like your user name. I cannot afford an iPhone.

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  • I can certainly add a pre-build .apk. I will be pushing another update in the next couple of days to add more to it.

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  • I added the apk. I also put it up on the Google Play Store as an app in alpha titled "Bluetooth For Mongoose OS". It could use a little work on the interface end and I haven't tested over 40 bytes of information yet(requires additional sends), but otherwise it should be working. Enjoy!

  • In the near future, I will add the capability to use the esp32 and the esp8266 ap with curl commands to remotely change the configuration that way.

  • The GitHub and the app on Google Play Store are not anymore available.
    Any raisons ?

  • It is a nice application it is only available in the play store that's why it is more secure and safe to use, but I have faced one problem I did not able to register for my Gmail account. Gmail customer support told me that it is an application related issue so you have any solution then suggest me.

  • I can't find Bluetooth For Mongoose OS app on Google Play Store.
    Is this the correct / final name (As previous post mentioned alpha version)

  • EmmanuelEmmanuel France
    edited March 2018

    It is now on the Google Play Store. Name is Bluetooth For Mongoose OS

  • Sorry All, it's public again. Let me know if it's still working for you!

  • Hey, nice to hear!
    There's one article about mobile app prototyping, I think you might like it and it will be useful for you

  • gladwaygladway Switzerland

    Hi @applecrusher !
    I have to program an ESP32 with mongoose-os to communicate via BLE with a smartphone but the documentation on the website is very difficult to understand for me. Do you know how to program an ESP32 for communicate with the app you share on github ?
    If you have developed a program for ESP32, can you share it ?

  • @gladway Sorry for the late response. Click the link in my original post to go to the Git Repository and you can see what I did there. It should be working. If not, let me know. I got help from this tutorial to do it, which is really well written. If you follow along with that and look at what I did, it may be able to help you out.

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