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Could you in the demo-js-esp8266-1M fs.bin remove all the comments in javascript files in order to save disk space ?
I hope it'll resolve my problems saving files in fs. (may be not enough space left).



  • I just try by myself (mos put api_xxxx.js) with comments removed, and i saved around 32ko.

    "app": "demo-js",
    "fw_version": "1.0",
    "fw_id": "20180215-152753/???",
    "mac": "XXXXXXXXXXX",
    "arch": "esp8266",
    "uptime": 169,
    "ram_size": 52008,
    "ram_free": 33624,
    "ram_min_free": 31784,
    "fs_size": 113201,
    "fs_free": 35140,
    "wifi": {
    "sta_ip": "",
    "ap_ip": "",
    "status": "got ip",
    "ssid": "XXXXXXXXXXX"

  • This would be valuable for ESP-01 1M. I minified all the API_XXXX.js files and saved ~30kb also. However, I can only do this after I flash the ESP. Is it possible to specify alternative libs for the build that have been minified, and do a cloud build?

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