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Has anyone been able to create a library to read/write to a SD card ?

briancouchmanbriancouchman Montreal
edited December 2017 in Mongoose OS

Hi everyone
I'm working on a device based on ESP32 ( with an audio playing layer ( that has a VS1053 Mp3 decoder and a SD card to store the audio files. I'm building a meditation companion for children.
I have tested with the Arduino library for the VS1053, that uses the SD Arduino implementation and it works like a charm.

Now I'm trying to convert this VS1053 Arduino library into a Mongoose library (based on the ESP IDF native libraries), but I completely freeze on the SD card access (disclaimer: I'm really new to C language and micro-controller programming, I'm still struggling with the basics)

I understood from the Roadmap page that porting SD card capabilities is for "soon", and I'm debating if I should build my own SD library (or die trying) or wait for the mongoose implementation.

Question #1: Mongoose team, do you know how soon is "soon" ? (I know you've been asked that question 10.000 times already, I'm sorry...)
Question #2: Do you have unfinished code that I could use as a starting point ? I'm pretty lost in the FatFs, VFS, SPI, MMC concepts...
Question #3: Has anyone faced the same problem, but was way more skilled than I am, and solved it ? And would you be willing to share or help ?

Thanks a lot for your attention.



  • To address your question #1, I guess "how soon" depends on how soon we'll have a commercial project which would need this functionality.

  • @dimonomid
    Thanks for your reply. If I told you I have just bought a commercial license with Cesanta for Mongoose OS and I badly need this functionality, would that help ? ;-)
    Even just the right hints to put me on the right track would be super helpful, if getting a full library out is a lot of work and you have already plenty on your plate.

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland
    edited December 2017

    Hi @briancouchman
    We do not have sdcard support in our shor-term roadmap.
    Your choices are: 1) do everything yourself, based on the ESP-IDF provided API, 2) pay us to develop sdcard support (which will be available for everybody) - if you'd like to go that route.

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