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OTA Updates via Dash error after download

Hello folks,
I am trying to send OTA updates using the Dashboard, but when it starts to install I get an error and I can't figure out what is wrong with my setup!
I want to be able to updates my devices remotely using Dashboard, I am using Esp8266 (wemos).
This is the log:

[Oct 27 14:02:24.737] mgos_upd_boot_get_st cur 0 prev 0 fwu 0
[Oct 27 14:02:24.758] updater_context_crea Starting update (timeout 300)
[Oct 27 14:02:24.781] mgos_ota_http_start Update URL:, ct: 300, isv? 0
[Oct 27 14:02:26.066] SW ECDH curve 3
[Oct 27 14:02:31.389] mongoose_poll New heap free LWM: 10024
[Oct 27 14:02:31.941] parse_manifest FW: default esp8266 1.0 20171027-154822/??? -> 1.0 20171027-153803/???
[Oct 27 14:02:31.978] mgos_upd_boot_get_st cur 0 prev 0 fwu 0
[Oct 27 14:02:31.999] mgos_upd_begin Slot 1, FW: default.bin -> 0x200000, FS fs.bin -> 0x48000
[Oct 27 14:02:32.407] mgos_upd_file_begin Start writing default.bin (765952) @ 0x200000
[Oct 27 14:02:35.623] E:M 12325 (1542 blocks)
[Oct 27 14:02:35.641] mg_ssl_if_mbed_err 0x3fff31a4 SSL error: -32512
[Oct 27 14:02:35.668] updater_finish Finished: -1 Update failed

Could you please share some of your wisdom? o/
Please let me know if you need more info!
Thank you very much!

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  • pherrispherris United States

    I've seen this too - can you tell me, how big is your zip file?

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    apparently you're out of memory.
    Add a timer which prints free ram and see. below 15k is a danger zone

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