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Device management Web App


are there any plans to develop a web application to manage the edge devices, uploading firmwares, receiving data, visualizing them etc.. ?
Any of you has developed something similar willing to share ?
Thanks a lot for any information
Best regards



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  • Sorry @alastairarran , I don't catch the meaning of your answer.
    I was asking of someone has developed a web app to manage mongoose-os edge devices or if the development team is going to develop one.

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    Yes, we have such web dashboard almost ready, plan to announce in a few days.

    @antlomb what is your expected use case?

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  • @Sergey , apologize for my unbelievable late reply.
    My idea would be targeted to hounted houses and is based on the following idea:
    - Edge devices running mongose-os. Each edge device has got a few sensors and actuators. Each device controls a single hounted house prop, with proximity sensors, light sensors, linear actuators, stepper motors etc..
    - Rules running on the edge device (Ex: scream and move when someone gets near the prop)
    - Rules able to trigger actions on other edge devices (Ex: other props moving, a siren turning on etc..)
    - A web app to manage the edge devices, distribute and update firmware, collect usage data, define the rules and publish them to the edge devices.
    - Rules written in javascript code and distributed on the device (no need to update the firmware to change the prop behavious)
    Now, having a device management app to start with (without starting from zero) would be great.
    What do you think about the main idea and architecture ? Is the device management app available on github ?
    Thanks for your feedback

  • I also asking him asking of someone has developed a web app web video production san francisco to manage mongoose-os edge devices

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