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ota-aws-shadow not downloading fw

I would like to get the ota-aws-shadow app working. I followed the instructions with the exception of uploading to my own s3 bucket i've configured as public for testing purposes. I can download it just fine from a browser. But I get the following error when I update the ota_url in the shadow.

[Oct 15 17:35:41.393] mgos_aws_shadow_ev   Version: 1410 -> 1411 (7)
[Oct 15 17:35:41.411] delta available
[Oct 15 17:35:41.435] save_ota_url         Saving https://MYFIRMWAREURL/ -> ota_state.json
[Oct 15 17:35:41.447] updater_context_crea Starting update (timeout 300)
[Oct 15 17:35:41.460] mgos_ota_http_start  Update URL: https://MYFIRMWAREURL/, ct: 600, isv? 0
[Oct 15 17:35:41.478] mgos_ota_http_start  Failed to connect to https://MYFIRMWAREURL/
[Oct 15 17:35:41.485] updater_finish       Finished: -10 Failed to connect


  • I am also getting a failure but it is a -1 error
    [Oct 19 16:19:51.714] SW ECDH
    [Oct 19 16:19:53.121] updater_finish Finished: -1 Update failed

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    When HTTPS URL is used, then the server cert is verified against CA certs in ca.pem file.
    I assume, the CA cert for your website is not present in the ca.pem. So add it there.

    Note that this will work temporarily. Soon we'll restrict the OTA to only URL, therefore please use the dashboard for the updates, as the doc suggests.
    Only commercial customers will have restrictions removed and would be able to use any OTA URL.

    The restricted libraries will be: OTA, cron, crontab. cron and crontab are not yet released.

  • @Sergey I added my certs to ca.pem and I am still getting the following. My update finish error is a -1 not a -10. Is there a difference? What does it mean?

    mgos_ota_http_start Update URL:, ct: 600, isv? 0
    [Oct 30 09:24:03.232] SW ECDH
    [Oct 30 09:24:04.746] updater_finish Finished: -1 Update failed

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