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How to version control a project?

I'm trying to create a local copy of all files on the device so that I can use them in an offline text editor and check them into a local Git repo.
I understand how to use mos get to bring down individual files, but am looking for a way to do this with all "project" files at once.
Is there a way to accomplish what I've described (something like mget)? Am I going about this all wrong? Is there a reference on working with files/projects independent of the web GUI?
Sorry if this is painfully obvious or already been made clear elsewhere. Thanks!


  • What you describe is easily done. You could use an IDE, like Eclipse. Or any favorite text editor. Thanks to mos, there is no special configuration required.

    What I do is initialize a git repository. Then cd inside the repository and run mos init --arch==(your device type). This gets you the file structure for a bare app.
    Then are ready to proceed if you use a text editor, and use mos build and mos flash commands to build and flash the device. And the usual git commands for your version control.

    If you use an IDE like Eclipse, then you can import the directory as a C project. Set up your build configuration with mos instead of make.
    I believe you can integrate git into Eclipse, but I have stuck with command line so far. The IDE just gives a nice environment to edit and format files and build. Also I found the yaml and html plug-ins a nice addition.

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