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Updating from mongoose 5.4 to mgos.

I'm currently running version 5.4 (about 3 years old) of Mongoose on other systems and the interface appears to have changed a lot (again - been a few changes in the 8 years I've used it!!). I take it the event handler has been wrapped into mgos. I can't find anything that describes the mg_event_handler_t interface the handler uses and what access it has to any POST data etc. This is an example of what I do with the old version, can anyone point me at an example of what it looks like now? I can't even fin d a header file that defines the equivalent of the mg_connection structure to see what my options are ;(

static int
set_state (struct mg_connection *conn)
   struct json_object *jobj;

   conn->content[conn->content_len] = 0;                 // terminate
   jobj = json_tokener_parse (conn->content);

Basically, I just need a spec for the API of the web server.


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