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Is using the ATECC508A with the ESP32 possible with Mongoose OS?

I was wondering if this was possible. The reason is because we want to do this with the ESP32 rather than the ESP8266 is because we would like bluetooth capabilities, and something that speeds up MQTT.


  • I get the following after enabling the ATECC508A with the ESP32.

    ATCA ECDSA verify ok, verified
    [Aug 16 13:03:17.959] ATCA ECDSA verify ok, verified
    [Aug 16 13:03:18.085] ATCA:3 failed to get ECDH pubkey: 0xf4
    [Aug 16 13:03:18.210] ATCA:3 failed to gen ECDH pubkey: 0xf4

  • Ok. I figured it out by following the directions on the AWS page in part 2,

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    Curious why did you decide to use the cryptochip on ESP32, provided that ESP32 has a built-in flash encryption?

  • The test was whether the ATCA is faster and more power efficient than the ESP32 built in crypto-chip. We have a device that needs to run on a battery and so anything that can shave several hundred milliseconds for us would be beneficial.

  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland

    so - was it?

  • We still need to verify that because we discovered other hardware issues when we replaced the esp8266 with the esp32, but I will post that information here once I we get those issues fixed.

  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland

    ok. it is indeed a bit faster, in my experience.

  • @applecrusher Did you end up adding ATECC508A to your solution? Was it worth it?

  • @capin because it is a little bit quicker and battery life is such a big issue for us, it was.

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