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ESP-IDF SDK Usage "Transparently" with Mongoose-os; How to structure code?

So I have a "native SDK" small project in ESP-IDF, which is based on FreeRTOS. This uses the FreeRTOS "task" API which is a C function xTaskCreate(). This is in turn enclosed in the app_main() function.

Side-by-side with this in Eclipse I have a second project in Mongoose-os, somehow integrated with ESP32 native ESP-IDF.
There is some similarity to FreeRTOS, in that there are callback functions, and in this case this unusual C-code instead of app_main:
enum mgos_app_init_result mgos_app_init(void){
(functions go here)

The claim from the website is "Built on top of native SDK. All native SDK capabilities are transparently available".

So my project goal is to combine the two projects, such that Mongoose-os functions can interact with ESP-IDF functions.
I think the easiest way to state this, is where would the xTaskCreate() function go in the context of a Mongoose-os structured project?
I have poked around a bit, and have yet to discover an example project which does this.



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