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specify device id with aws-iot-setup

Is there a way to specify the desired thing name when using aws-iot-setup?
I thought it might use the device:id as specified in the conf0.json but it doesn't.

Looking at mos code, unless I am missing something, it looks like it is hard coded as:
devID := fmt.Sprintf("%s_%s", devArch, devMAC[6:])

I'm guessing I need to do the provisioning myself or modify mos binary?


  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland
    edited June 2017

    Yes, mos aws-iot-setup --aws-iot-thing boo

    $ mos --helpfull 2>&1 | grep thing
          --aws-iot-thing string               Attach the generated certificate to this thing. By default uses device ID. Set to '-' to not attach certificate to any thing.

    Or did you mean something else?

  • Ah brilliant, thanks Sergey :)

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