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Makefile issue

tsvetan.filevtsvetan.filev Sofia, Bulgaria
edited April 2017 in Mongoose OS


In some of our cc3200 projects we are using SDK API calls.
For these projects build does not work well.
When we run make clean all it works fine but when we run make all for a second time we get this error:

make: *** No rule to make target 'udma.c', needed by '/app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/udma.o'.  Stop.
../../mongoose-os/fw/ recipe for target 'all' failed
make: *** [all] Error 2

It seems that make system cannot find the path to the the SDK c files.
If I copy the SDK c files in our src folder then all is fine.

This applies in case of setting:
APP_MODULES = src /opt/CC3200SDK_1.3.0/cc3200-sdk/driverlib/
If we don't do that linking fails.

Do you have any idea what might be wrong ?


  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland

    driverlib is already included in the VPATH, you should be able to simply add APP_EXTRA_SRCS = udma.c

  • tsvetan.filevtsvetan.filev Sofia, Bulgaria

    Here is what I did:

    PLATFORM = cc3200
    APP_MODULES = src
    APP_EXTRA_SRCS = some_files ... udma.c

    but I get

      TIAR  /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/mongoose-os.a
      GEN   /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/gen/symbols_dump.txt
      GEN   /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/gen/build_info.c
      GEN   /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/gen/mg_build_info.c
      GEN   /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/gen/symbols_dump.txt > /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/gen/ffi_exports.c
      TICC  /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/gen/mg_build_info.c -> /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/mg_build_info.o
      TICC  /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/gen/ffi_exports.c -> /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/ffi_exports.o
    >> WARNING: invalid compiler option -fno-builtin (ignored)
      TICC  /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/gen/build_info.c -> /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/build_info.o
      TILD  /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/shelly-plug.elf
     undefined      first referenced                             
      symbol            in file                                  
     ---------      ----------------                             
     GPIOIntClear   /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/power_meter.o
     GPIOIntDisable /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/power_meter.o
     GPIOIntEnable  /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/power_meter.o
     GPIOIntTypeSet /app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/power_meter.o
    error #10234-D: unresolved symbols remain
    error #10010: errors encountered during linking;
       "/app/devices/shelly-plug/.build/shelly-plug.elf" not built
  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland
    edited April 2017

    looks like you also need to add gpio.c from the SDK's driverlib. add it to extra_srcs as well.

  • tsvetan.filevtsvetan.filev Sofia, Bulgaria

    you are right I had to add both gpio.c udma.c
    it now works fine

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