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core dump in executing multhreaded_restful_server

I ran sample code available in examples folder, and i got crashed. 

/Downloads/mongoose-6.0/examples/multithreaded_restful_server$ ./multithreaded_restful_server 
Starting multi-threaded server on port 8000
epoll_ctl: Invalid argument
Aborted (core dumped)

Stack Trace:

[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
Using host libthread_db library "/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/".
Starting multi-threaded server on port 8000
epoll_ctl: Invalid argument

Program received signal SIGABRT, Aborted.
0x00007ffff782dcc9 in __GI_raise (sig=sig@entry=6) at ../nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/raise.c:56
56 ../nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/raise.c: No such file or directory.
(gdb) where
#0  0x00007ffff782dcc9 in __GI_raise (sig=sig@entry=6) at ../nptl/sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/raise.c:56
#1  0x00007ffff78310d8 in __GI_abort () at abort.c:89
#2  0x00000000004098b7 in mg_ev_mgr_epoll_ctl (nc=0x61d1b0, op=1) at ../../mongoose.c:2695
#3  0x0000000000409981 in mg_ev_mgr_add_conn (nc=0x61d1b0) at ../../mongoose.c:2725
#4  0x0000000000408205 in mg_add_conn (mgr=0x7fffffffd150, c=0x61d1b0) at ../../mongoose.c:1765
#5  0x0000000000408bd7 in mg_set_sock (nc=0x61d1b0, sock=9) at ../../mongoose.c:2058
#6  0x000000000040a48b in mg_add_sock_opt (s=0x7fffffffd150, sock=9, callback=0x40a906 <forwarder_ev_handler>, opts=...)
    at ../../mongoose.c:3093
#7  0x000000000040a42d in mg_add_sock (s=0x7fffffffd150, sock=9, callback=0x40a906 <forwarder_ev_handler>) at ../../mongoose.c:3085
#8  0x000000000040a9a8 in spawn_handling_thread (nc=0x61d0e0) at ../../mongoose.c:3240
#9  0x000000000040aa87 in multithreaded_ev_handler (c=0x61d0e0, ev=1, p=0x7fffffffd800) at ../../mongoose.c:3267
#10 0x000000000040c8f6 in http_handler (nc=0x61d0e0, ev=1, ev_data=0x7fffffffd800) at ../../mongoose.c:4010
#11 0x0000000000408338 in mg_call (nc=0x61d0e0, ev=1, ev_data=0x7fffffffd800) at ../../mongoose.c:1799
#12 0x0000000000408fec in accept_conn (ls=0x61d010) at ../../mongoose.c:2375
#13 0x00000000004095ba in mg_mgr_handle_connection (nc=0x61d010, fd_flags=1, now=1455868367) at ../../mongoose.c:2610
#14 0x0000000000409ad3 in mg_mgr_poll (mgr=0x7fffffffdd90, timeout_ms=3000) at ../../mongoose.c:2754
#15 0x0000000000402376 in main () at multithreaded_restful_server.c:47


  • adminadmin Dublin, Ireland
    Could you please use the latest version?
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