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Code missing for CC3200 in mgos_i2c_create when using I2C on pins 16 and 17

ulsoulso Stockholm
edited March 2017 in Mongoose OS

I finally got I2C working on pins 16 and 17 on the CC3200 after I added the following lines in file fw/platforms/cc3200/src/cc3200_i2c.c, in function mgos_i2c_create:

` if (scl_pin != PIN_01) {
MAP_PinTypeI2C(PIN_01, PIN_MODE_0);

if (sda_pin != PIN_02) {
MAP_PinTypeI2C(PIN_02, PIN_MODE_0);

And the SOP0 jumper needs to be in place as well.

I found the fix in the TI forum thread here


  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland

    ok, i get it now - muxing does not de-mux from previous pins. nasty.
    thanks! i will incorporate this into the codebase.

  • rojerrojer Dublin, Ireland

    pushed 810038f. verified that I2C on pins 16 and 17 works.

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