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Using Mongoose Web Server with GearVR


I was told by support to post this question here for possible answer, thanks in advance.

I am using the mongoose web server and it works great! I am using it with my Samsung gear VR to stream movies from my PC directly into the gear vr headset. It plays super smooth using this web server which is awesome, however if I have to fast forward a movie it does so perfectly up to the 9-10 minute mark of any movie. As soon as I try to fast forward beyond the 10 minute mark it freezes and stops playing. I am thinking this might be the spot where the buffer fills up? Is there way to set the buffer to be larger? Playing the movie runs perfectly fine the whole way through as long as I don't fast forward after the 9-10 minute mark, but sometimes I need to start a movie over so don't want to have to watch the first half of it again.


Thanks for your help.


  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    Could you dump HTTP request headers when you're doing fast forwarding please?

    Usually, a request with Range: header is sent, and Mongoose start to serve the file from a given offset. Let's check what kind of byte range is given to Mongoose.

  • I'm not even sure how to set it debug mode or to view feedback logs from mongoose.

  • I am looking at the Mongoose Web Server Settings page and setting debug to true in the config file and setting error_log_file to a txt file that I can access. It created the file upon save, but when I run the video the log file doesn't generate any info within it. Do you know what settings I need to do to get the information you require? just an fyi even if I open the movie files in a web browser using the web server and fastfoward there it freezes about 8 min mark if I keep fast forwarding. so its not related to gearvr at all, something to do with the web server after that point. You may be able to try it locally with any video file in your web server.

    Anyhow id like to get you the info you require to assist. I am using windows and mongoose 6.5

    Thanks again!

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    Just to make sure to reproduce the same setup, what player and what browser you're using?

  • I am using Google Chrome, and it opens directly within the player in the browser. The file types are .mp4 files and they are full movies approx. 4-5gb filesize.

  • just wondering if you have had a chance to reproduce this issue in your environment. Some other lower bitrate movies i can fast forward to the 20 minute mark before it freezes, but all movies end up freezing at some point if they are fast forwarded later in the movie.
    Also i'm on windows 10 64-bit processor.

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