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how implement a thread ... for call a function

I want call a function like in a freeRTOS thread
how i can do that in mongoose_os?

in this example, i would call the function "eMBMasterPoll" into a while(1)..

enum mgos_app_init_result mgos_app_init(void)
// Initialize protocol stack in RTU mode for a Master
eStatus = eMBMasterInit( MB_RTU, 1, 9600, MB_PAR_NONE );

// Enable the Modbus Protocol Stack.
eStatus = eMBMasterEnable( );

for( ;; )
    // Call the main polling loop of the Modbus Master protocol stack.
    ( void )eMBMasterPoll(  );

    /* Here we simply count the number of poll cycles. */


can someone help me?


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