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Local MQTT broker device with hostname ending with .local

NadavBarkaiNadavBarkai Israel

For a local MQTT broker (based on Raspberry Pi) with IP dictated by the local router's dhcp service, can hostnames.local be employed in the MOS for such private networks (for example mqtt.local, or pi.local), and let it be fixed even if the MQTT broker reboot to a different IP?
(Zero-configuration networking (zeroconf))

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  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    currently mOS can advertise itself using mDNS, but not resolve. so for now, the answer is no.

  • Hi Sergey.

    Is there any plan to implement resolve by mDNS any time soon?


  • Is this something being worked on?

  • mamuespmamuesp Germany/Northern coast

    mDNS is implemented, but only for the device itself. For the servers in you network, the DHCP server or router has to resolve the *.local addresses, not the device running under mongoose-os. So it's not a question of mongoose-os but a question of the configuration of you own network.

  • vipulgargvipulgarg New Delhi, India

    @mamuesp please first understand the working of mDns. the router must support mDns packet but you as a machine must listen to the multicast packet send by the mDns Host.

  • mamuespmamuesp Germany/Northern coast

    @vipulgarg - It's my understanding that it's not very polite to jump to wrong conclusions when some things are not phrased absolute correctly. As I'm not a native english speaker, sometimes I express myself not 100% clear. But it don't mean I won't understand e.g. mDNS. But anyway: in my experience especially in an industrial environement there is the chance of conflicts with internal DNS services, let me quote Wikipedia about that "By default, mDNS only and exclusively resolves host names ending with the .local top-level domain (TLD). This can cause problems if that domain includes hosts which do not implement mDNS but which can be found via a conventional unicast DNS server. Resolving such conflicts requires network-configuration changes that violate the zero-configuration goal." Because of this fact and the experience that in some network policies mDNS is not well liked (and even blocked), it's my opinion that in these environments the Mongoos-OS devices should or need not to come along with resolving abilities. But it might be that in other environments it would be considerable.

  • Is there any advance in resolve domain via mDNS to autodiscover mqtt server on mongoose os?

  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    PRs are more than welcome, gentlemen!
    I am ready to push the green button to merge, just bring it on :)

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