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multithread model is not documented well

The unlike older versions (4.x, etc), mongoose 6.4 multithreading model is not documented. Grand total of documentation is "call this function to enabled multithreading".

Specifically, if I do not want the default "1 thread per connection", but would like to have custom multithreading, for example, one thread per mg_bind() connection, a pool of 10 threads to handle all the data, etc, how do I go about it?

I think this should be documented.



  • SergeySergey Dublin, Ireland

    TBH, implementing advanced configurable multithreading support is out of Mongoose's scope. If that is really required, one can do a custom implementation using existing primitives.

    @rojer wdyt ?

  • wdit - there is not enough documentation to implement advanced multithreading using existing primitives. At the least it should be explained which data structures and thread-safe and which require mutexes if accessed from different threads. For an example of decent documentation, refer to the mongoose v4 docs. K.O.

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