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mDNS DNS-SD with custom run-time txt service record

I am using Mongoose-OS on an ESP32 and I have included line
- origin: in my mos.yml.

It's great that it reports it's mac address as part of it's host_name. That is handy.
- ["dns_sd.host_name", "s", "mOS-??????", {title: "DNS-SD host name. '?' chars will be expanded with MAC address hex digits"}]

But I would also like to have at least one dynamic txt record. For example, report a user-writable "device name" in a custom key/value pair.
If a user updates it at run-time, the next mDNS reply includes the new "device name".

Are there APIs for this, or am I missing something?

I could copy the entire dns-sd module and make my own modifications, but I wanted to make there was an API before doing all that work.

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